Posted on by Kate Boulton

It's business as usual at Buttonmania.

I’ve been operating Buttonmania for 21 years and have loved all the interesting work and contact with everybody from far and wide. However, Buttonmania is for sale.

Therefore, there is now a unique opportunity to acquire one of Melbourne's Flinders Lane iconic Ragtrade institutions.  Buttonmania is an established business with over 21 years servicing Fashion, Theatre, TV & Film and the private sectors.

 Our web store,, launched in June 2015, is proving a wonderful tool to showcase Buttonmania. There are opportunities for new approaches to marketing our products and services, both in Australia and overseas.

All enquiries are to be made via email to   Full information will be furnished once a confidentiality agreement has been signed.

During this transition our commitment to timely fulfilment of customer orders remains as strong as ever!

We wanted you, our customers, to hear our news first.