At Buttonmania we are able to make you self covered fabric buckles and belts to finish off your garments.   They are all made by hand and made to your measurements.  Buckle only orders are also welcome.

We are able to offer in excess of 20 different fabric covered buckle styles with varying belt widths, from 12.5mm (1/2inch) through to 75mm (3inches).

For some inspiration and belt examples head over to our Instagram accounts Beltmania or Buttonmaniac.  You will find belts and also outfits they went with.

All completed belts include a covered buckle, belt and keeper.  We are very happy to work with you if you would like a little out of the ordinary, i.e. double prong, more/less eyelets, square end, manufactured buckles, endless options available.

Wholesale / Bulk Order.

We offer a wholesale / bulk order for belts and buckles. Please contact us on 03 9553 1712 or to discuss further.


Complete belts (standard belts)

  • Up to 30mm / 1 1/4” = $35.00
  • 35mm / 1 3/8” to 40mm 1 5/8” = $40.00
  • 50mm / 2” to 75mm / 3” = $45.00

Additional charges may apply depending on lace/sheer fabric placement, lining or if joins are required.

Custom belts - please contact us to discuss pricing.

Fabric covered buckles only are $8.50 per buckle.

All our belts are sent via Australia Post express service $13.00, unless otherwise organised/discussed.  International orders welcome, please contact us to discuss delivery options.


Starting Point.

Decide on your belt width and buckle to fit, your waist measurement.  Buckle options are below, or please contact us to discuss.

Complete the order form or write us a note!  Include with your fabric and mail to Buttonmania.  Please identify the right side of the fabric clearly.

How much material to send?  Our rule of thumb is:

  • 3 times the belt width
  • 30cm (10 inches) longer than the waist measurement
  • Piece of fabric 25cm (10 inches) square for the buckle & keeper 

NEW EYELET OPTION : embroidered eyelets!!! This option has been added to the order form. If you'd like us to used your own thread, please send! (We'll send back unused thread).

Buckle Options. 

Please note, the buckle images are not to scale. Buckles are in size order, the size is the internal measurement (this is the belt width).  All buckles are available in single bar (this is with a prong and eyelets). Some buckles are available in a double bar (pull through, no eyelets).

Milano 1/2"/12.5mm Buckle Donau 3/4"/20mm Buckle

Congo 1"/25mm Buckle Rhein 1 3/8"/35mm Buckle

Nil Buckle


 Rhone 2"/50mm Buckle Colorado 2"/50mm Buckle

      Nekar 3"/75mm Buckle  

Somme 3/4"/20mm Buckle Weser 1"/25mm Buckle Fulda 1 5/8"/40mm Buckle Havel 2"/50mm Buckle Tigris 1 5/8" / 40mm Buckle Tajo 2"/50mm Buckle    




Additional charges which may apply:

  • $1 per join on fabric
  • $5 if a lining is required under your fabric
  • Additional metal eyelets $1 each (negotiable depending on number)
  • Change to "standard" style