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The Story of Santa's Buckles

At Buttonmania, there is an old cardboard box with faint writing & filled with bright shiny buckles, labelled: Santa's Buckles.  Here is the story behind the box of Santa's Buckles.

Once upon a time, in a year gone past, Santa told Mrs Santa Claus that he had to have a new suit!  He was tired of his red suit, with white trim and a black belt!  He wanted a blue suit, or a purple suit or a black suit -- or any colour suit -- other than red!  Mrs Claus was horrified!  She said "No one will recognise you!  They might think you were a burglar or a chimney sweep!  She put her foot down.  "No you cannot change the colour of your suit!!!"  And then Mrs Claus's face lit up -- she said "You are right dear, you DO need a new look -- how about a shiny new silver buckle for your suit. That should work a treat."
And so..... that is how Santa's Buckles came about.  Each Christmas, Santa would get a sparkly, shiny new buckle.  And he was happy as Larry.

Half Price Buckle SALE -- in-store only

All Vintage Buckles & all in-store Buckles are Half Price until mid-day on the 22nd December when Buttonmania closes for the Holidays and move to its NEW location with its excited new owners.  Buckle stock is not yet packed for the move -- all stock available, including limited stock of bakelite buckles.  And if you are dressing up as Santa, make sure to pick up your Santa Buckle!  Sale prices only available in store.

Below is a very SMALL taste of what you have to choose from, in-store....  Click here to see a larger sampling -- but truly you have to come in to appreciate the range and variety of buckles on offer.


Buttonmania is moving to Highett

Buttonmania is moving to Highett

New owners - Denise, Edwina and Jean -- are excited to let you know Buttonmania will be relocating. Our new home is conveniently located in Highett, Victoria. Easily accessible from trains and plenty of parking for those driving -- and of course online and postal orders will continue.  We'll be opening the doors at our new home in January 2017.

Buttonmania's new address is:
537 Highett Road,
Highett 3190
Victoria, Australia

Deadlines to put in your calendar

Last covered button orders for the year: 20th of December
Last belt orders for the year:  16th of December
Last scissor sharpening drop-off: 15th of December

We found the photo!


Two dresses, made by Kate in the 1980s (BB before buttons!), worn by a Melbourne mother & daughter to a ball at Buckingham Palace.

Thank you & stay in touch:

Please link to Kate Boulton, Melbourne Facebook & Instagram pages so we can stay in touch, after my retirement from Buttonmania.

Thank you to everyone who took the opportunity to join us at the End of an Era Sale.  It was lovely to see you.

I'm here & at your service until Christmas.

Seasons Greetings,
Kate Boulton