Welcome to our Winter 2016 range of  Knitwear Buttons.  Our Knitwear Button LookBook, features our vegetable ivory buttons.  

Vegetable Ivory -- Tagua Nut -- Sustainable Buttons

Many of these vegetable ivory buttons are now listed on the web store.

The buttons pictured below will gradually be added to the online store, but in the meantime -- enjoy the view and come into our Nicholas Building shop to purchase.


If you are not familiar with vegetable ivory -- it's not real ivory -- actually it is the very sustainable Tagua Nut -- which grows in South America and just resembles ivory -- hence the name.

As just the nuts are harvested, we can truly say 'No trees were harmed in making these buttons!'  This durable natural material began to be used for buttons in the 19th century.  Therefore, we are following a long tradition. 

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Lea Stein

We've also added Lea Stein buttons, too.  Click the image for more detail.

From Wikipedia: Léa Stein (born 1931) is a French artist and accessories maker, known for her compressed plastic buttons, brooches and bracelets. She is often hailed as "the most notable and innovative designer of plastic jewelry of the 20th century".[1][2]  

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