• 21st?
  • Birthday?
  • Travelling?
  • Christmas?
‘Message in a Button’ is a personalised, one-of-a-kind covered button made by Buttonmania of www.buttonmania.com.au on our century-old equipment in Highett, Melbourne. But you don’t have to be in Melbourne to get your special button.

 Included inside the covered button is either a secret message or currency or both. YOU provide the cash (Aussie dollars or other currency – you decide the denomination of the note you want to include) and write your message.

Looking like a 'normal' button -- the recipient will be very surprised when it's explained that there is a secret, hidden surprise inside the button -- all they have to do is open it!

The Message in a Button can be opened upon receipt, or if travelling, the gift can be opened when 'on the road' -- a little extra money -- always comes in handy when travelling, especially if it’s in the currency of the Country you are in. It's easy to purchase foreign currency from Money Exchange Bureaus or Banks.

 If you live in Melbourne and YOU provide the cash and message your ‘Message in a Button’ is $20. If you pick up your button at Buttonmania, there will be no postage charges.

 If you live in Australia, can’t get to the Shop and want us to type or handwrite your message and/or to purchase your cash or foreign currency – the cost is $40 per button, including postage. The amount of cash or foreign currency is in addition to the cost of the button.

If you want to make your gifts, extra special and personal, you can come into Buttonmania and we will guide you through making your gift Message in a Button yourself on her antique equipment. The cost to make your first Message in a Button is $40 and then $20 for additional buttons (you provide cash and messages). Call or email to make an appointment: 03 8597 0822.